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Eba Playful Experiences

This project started as a Thesis in MFA Industrial Design and became my own company in Brazil.


This thesis is a study of the impact of busy lifestyles on children’s education, considering playtime. Eba Playful Experiences is the result of applied design methodology to solve the lack of play between children and parents, taking into account their routine and needs.


The research includes the study of the importance of play and the problems caused by its absence. The process contains user understanding considering children’s stages of physical, social and cognitive development. The project involves learning from different areas of study: product and interaction design, child psychology and business.


Eba Playful Experiences is an online company based on a subscription business model. Every month, a kit of craft materials and suggested activities is delivered to the family’s home, so parents do not have to plan ahead for a fun and creative project. Each monthly edition comes with three kinds of activities designed for children from 3 to 7 years old; that adapts to the family’s’ routine.

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Founder​ and Designer


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2015 – current